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The Energy of Business

Nothing demonstrates the energy of business better than a Real Estate transaction. So many professionals and industries are linked together to produce the final product of buying or selling a home for the client and each individual entity will bring their own form of energy in that process. The lubricant necessary for that energy to flow smoothly is cooperation, understanding and coordination between the professionals involved. Not all forms of energy are positive, negative energy can be interjected at any point by any entity that will impede the flow and slow the process which will ultimately effect not only the client but all involved.

Open lines of communication, understanding each others role and requirements are essential elements in producing positive energy. The minute one entity values their role over the others negative energy begins to metastasize draining all positive energy in the process. Every one involved, to include the client, shares a vested interest in the outcome of the business deal, no role is a small role, as often the smallest issue can become the largest obstacle. Working together is understanding together, there is no place for benevolence or ego in the production of positive energy in business. How well do you understand the role of the other vendors or parties involved in processing your business transaction. If the only time you communicate with the other vendors and parties is when there is a conflict or problem then the potential for major energy loss is significant.

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