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Massaging Your Customer Base

The most ignored source of revenue in most companies is the customer base.  The reason it is ignored is most companies do not know how to tap into that resource without damaging it.  When the base is put into action it is often abused and worked by field employees that have never been trained to work with current customers.  Creating inspections and leads are what we call Opportunity Probes.  There are several types of OP's that can be created from your base that will produce significant revenue and instill confidence in your base IF there is a combination of training and effort put into preserving and protecting the base while harvesting from it.  Course 2 will offer valuable recommendations and insight to those hidden opportunities. 


Rusty Markland understands the service industry better than anyone when it comes to growth through sales and production.  His book "The World Hates a Salesman" specifically illustrates the difference in retail sales and service sales, yet most service companies train their sales force under a retail mentality sales model and expect it to work  Millions of dollars are spent every year on marketing, trying to get their phone to ring when each company sits on a gold mine of revenue in their base but are clueless on how to harvest and produce it.

Creating and Managing "OP's


While most service companies worship the "Black Oracle" (office phone) waiting on it to speak (ring) for "leads"  by paying homage with thousands of dollars in marketing they ignore a perpetual fuel source, their customer base.

"OP's" are Opportunity Probes generated from the base to produce inspections and interest for your sales inspectors.  Course 2 teaches you how to create OP's and massage them without jeopardizing it.  Course 3 teaches the inspection how to harvest sales without offending the base from your customers.  Not working your base irresponsible, abusing your base is catastrophic, massaging your base with trained employees creates consumer confidence and production.  This is NOT "Common Knowledge"

Service Industry Selling

Providing service for the community and calling it a "sell" seems sacrilege as anytime a service is provided it should be with the intent of helping people with problems, yet it is a sell.  

For companies that provide services from heating and cooling to plumbing and pest control, they all depend on sales to support their growth.

Service sales are based on "need" while retail sales are based on "want", and there is a significant difference.  Learn more as Rusty Markland, a three-decade veteran in the service industry takes you through selling in the service industry the "right way". 


Perception Recognition

Perception effects success.  The way your employee perceives their role in the corporation and the way your customers perceives your employee has a major impact on field sales production.   The challenge is getting the employee to understand the dynamics of their actions, words, and delivery to manipulate consumer perception.  Unless the field employee is educated in different approach strategies  consumer perception will not only remain static it will fail to produce positive results in most cases.  Recognizing what triggers certain perceptions is not "common" knowledge.  You cannot change consumer perception unless you change your employee perception of their role and the value of such training.  Field sales production is based on psychology and product knowledge.  There is nothing "common" about common knowledge if it has never been taught.  RATS course on Perception Recognition is the basis for individual field sales improvement in the service field industry.

Consumer Bullying is becoming more common in modern-day businesses effecting the service industry at an alarming rate.  Armed with the power of social media and review sites the consumer is aware and enabled to significantly impact any company.  While review sites have made us all better in the service industry we now face a different problem when that power is abused by consumers to gain free service or unauthorized refunds.

Understanding The Chemistry of CONCERN

Understanding the power of "Concern" unlocks significant potential in sales production.   This is a psychological approach that few know about much less engage or train.  

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