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Myopia, The Prison of Excuses

Rusty Markland

When successful business operations struggle with growth, especially in the service industry, it may be that upper level and mid-level management is stuck in the Prison of Myopia. Time is fluid, ever changing and evaporating and no one “captures” the moment, what worked last week or last year may not work this year. Instead of capturing the moment try managing the moments by demonstrating new and creative innovations that will stimulate your base.

The Prison of Myopia is full of nearsighted, deflated intellectual egos that lack the imagination or creativity to figure out what worked for them in the past is not a good fit for the future. They offer every excuse and provide no strategy for relief. These inmates managed operations that demonstrated strong growth in the past but are now grinding to a disappointing halt due to stagnant production and no clear compass direction to lead them back. Instead, they are stuck in their myopic, benevolent patterns and will place the blame on everything but their own inadequate ability to change direction.

As good service companies grow they realize operations and tactics must evolve and change with the demands and times. What if Henry Ford stayed with the Model T refusing to recreate other production models and work methods within the system? Often, successful companies are companies that think outside the box, take risk to some extent and massage the production model changing it to some degree to fit the growing needs. Expanding the market expands the customer base, expanding the service selection to the growing customer appetite keeps the base engaged and active supporting more growth.

What your company had success with ten years ago and the way you performed that service may have to be tweaked to produce future growth. Your marketing ten years ago is out of date, even how you relate to your base is always evolving. Social media, powerful review sites, overall optics are now powerful forces that will bend or challenge your growth.

If your operation or personal performance is stagnant you need to break out of that prison. Myopic attitudes are an infectious disease that can work through your entire work force. Change the way you think, change the culture of the business, think outside the box or continue to look through the bars of mediocrity.

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