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Service Industry Sales Training


Why do service companies struggle with sales production?  Providing a service is more like order taking, yet many companies create sales training based on retail sales training?  


Service and Retail sales are completely different concepts and

why do service companies depend on marketing for the bulk of their sales revenue?  They worship the phone, addicted to it if the phone rings they have business, if not they don't not realizing they are sitting on vast reserves of sales potential. 

Reactive sale is waiting on that phone to ring, proactive is making it ring requesting service and I do not mean door to door, that is considered crisis management.


The Psychology of Concern 

Too often the sales force crosses the line tapping into fear, this leads to bad sales and can ruin the reputation of a good company.  Finding a legitimate problem and tapping in the psychology of concern is an art that promotes good production, builds reputation and creates great customer relations

This course is available per request for a fee.  Email

Finding The "LEADS' 
Break the phone addiction of reactive sales and start harvesting your own leads with proactive mining.
This course is available per request for a fee. Email
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