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Service Questions and Concerns

Are Pesticides Safe?

Nothing that ends in the word "cide" is safe, don't be mislead.  HOWEVER, pesticides are essential to preserving public health and they can be applied safely by responsible and trained technicians.  There is a significant need for pesticide applications but be suspicious of any company that claims they are using "safe" pesticides, that is an oxymoron.  

Are "Green", "Natural" or Organic safer and work just as good?

Marketing for most companies misrepresent those "safe" words and abuse their meaning for sales revenue.  The EPA puts caution word on almost every label used by the consumer.  Three words, Danger, Warning, Caution, with Danger being the most serious and Caution being the least harmful.  Those words are designed to advise the consumer what they are using or dealing with.  For instance, did you know toothpaste has a "Warning" label?  Some of the most dangerous compounds in nature are "organic" and "natural" so don't be fooled by those words.  "Green" actually has no firm definition, everyone uses it, but it does not make it safer.

We are all concerned about the environment, out children and our pet health but if the decision has to be made to eliminate harmful pest, you need something that works and applied by trained, certified people that understand the risks involved and will rely on false labels.  Trust companies to tell you the truth and make a wise decision if pest control is needed and not base it on words that give you a false sense of security.

Will Your Products Hame My Pets or Children?

Run from companies that tell you they do, any product that kills pests will harm children and pets, again, that is a sales marketing tool.  The ONLY thing that makes pesticides and rodenticides "safer" is knowing the risks, being honest about them and having trained, certified applicators that understand the risks.

Can we do our own pest control?

In some cases, depending on the pest, yes.  In more severe cases no, cases like termites, bed bugs, rodents, birds and animals you should leave to professionals.  What your can do is preventative non-chemical methods such as sealing around crack and crevice or pipe chases to make it more difficult for pest entry.  Avoid attracting critters by good cleaning habits, keeping trash and pet droppings cleaned up or avoid exterior bird feeders.  In a lot of cases, pest problems can be avoided by good home maintenance.

The Common Complaint about All Pest Companies That Fail to Set Expectations

"Nothing works, we still have ants (rodents, or any other pests you are being treated for) your service does not work!"

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